Server INFO

    XP, SP rate: 1000x
    Drop, Adena rate: 1x
    Safe Enchant: +3
    Max Enchant On Weapon with normal/blessed: +16
    Max Enchant On Weapon with Crystal: +20
    Max Enchant On Armors & Jewels: +16
    Normal Scroll Enchant Rate On Weapon: 60%
    Normal Scroll Enchant Rate On Armors & Jewels: 60%
    Blessed Enchant Rate On Weapons, Armors & Jewels: 90%
    Crystal weapon scroll: 60%
    Special Raid Boss respawn time 30min - 2hour
    Special GrandBoss respawn time 2 days
    Auto TvT Event, CTF, DM events
    NO Custom Armor
    NO Custom Weapon
    Buff limit 50
    Bad status limit 6
    No waiting after leaving clan
    Auto Learn Skills
    PvP Color system
    SCHEME Buffer!
    PvP/PK Top 20 NPC
    You can buy Boss Jewels in Special shop
    Information Center for newbies NPC
    Killing Spree system
    Subclass Free
    No Weight Limit
    Inventory size 150
    The Cemetary have all drops what you need in the game.
    You can get gold bar, gold knight etc, which you can buy everything
    You can buy everything with GoldKnight such as Boss Jewels except Blessed scrolls.
    Crystal scrolls is to get with some ingredients.

    And much much more :-) Join and try and explore our server!

    Account Rules

    L2 Walker isn't allowed and if caught using it you will be banned immediately.
    Only 2 character per IP adress allowed to be online at same time. If you captured to use more, you will be banned.
    GMs do not restore lost or dropped items.
    Saving database every day, if something happen to make rollback, 1 day will be lost only.
    Each player allowed to have max 1 accounts.
    In case player will be captured with more then 2 accounts they will be banned.